How to write SEO effective articles

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Writing effective search engine optimized articles is much easier than it may seem at first glance. In order to write quality SEO articles you do not even have to be SEO savvy, it is enough to follow the simple tips, presented in this article and you will produce effective articles that will serve their marketing purpose extremely well.
Firstly, you will need to decide which keyword you are going to use in your articles. When deciding for keywords, bear in mind that they should match your targeted niche and the products that you are trying to sell.
You can use Google’s keyword suggestion tool to get a base idea about what search phrases and keyword combinations were most searched for by your target audience in past month.  The Google’s suggestion tool can also inform you how many searches were performed for a particular keyword phrase and how many competitors you have competing for that same keyword. After you gather a list of keywords relevant for your audience, think of appropriate topics  for your articles that are related to them and that you could write about. If, for example, you have determined that the most sought for keyword in your particular niche is ‘bed mattresses’ , you could write an article with a title ‘5 most popular types of bed mattresses’. This is a good method to both satisfy the learning need of your potential customers and to rank well in search results for that particular keyword.
Conduct a proper research of your chosen topics. Not only your articles need to be optimized for search engine spiders,  they need to satisfy the human readers and be worthy of their time. So make your articles as informative as you can.
When writing an article, forget about search engines completely and write the content that will satisfy your readers, supply needed information and help you build your reputation as an author. Make your articles understandable by using an appropriate writing style that will best reach your target audience and their level of comprehension.
Once you are done with article writing, you may start optimizing it by adding careful and well- thought of placement of appropriate keywords. Bear in mind that sophisticated search engine algorithms will detect any keyword over-stuffing done with purpose to achieve better ranking for some keyword. In order to achieve best results, place keywords  on strategic positions in the title and first paragraphComputer Technology Articles, but do not pass the 2-3% keyword density.


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