Why Do We Lose Our Hair Daily ? Daily Hair Loss Tips

Why do we lose hair daily? Why do we lose hair daily? Since hair well being is tied to your immune health, e vitamin is believed to stimulate hair growth by enhancing the immune function. Many women notice that their hair is thicker and better during pregnancy, this specific is due to the increased levels of the body’s hormones estrogen and progesterone, which cause additional hairs than normal to be in the development phase. When…

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Indian Dietician, Weight Loss Dietician, Dietician Diet Plan

Life Century as an online dietician assist infants, the elderly, the sick, the hospitalized, the obese, nursing mothers, sportspersons and a host of others either in a clinical setting (hospitals and nursing homes) or as a consultant in a specialty clinic. Life Century Dietician serves everyone who requires healthcare services. Our Dieticians are highly sophisticated and knowledgeable in food and nutrition. Dietitians are valuable members of the medical multi-disciplinary team providing nutritional knowledge and acting…

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Weight Loss Dietician, Indian Dietician, Weight Loss Diet, Weight Loss Diet Tips

Life Century is a twentieth century Indian healthcare company but our Dietician, Indian Nutritionist, Diet Consultants, Ayurvedic Doctors, and Weight Loss Dietician are of 21st century and provides health care services relevant to that. Life Century Dieticians are designing the program and diets according to the requirement of today’s atmosphere and environment in a healthy way. Our dieticians first understand all the conditions & factors then starts working with you & for you. Our online…

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