10 Super Awesome Headline Ideas For Your Blog Posts And Articles

Coming up with headline ideas can seem like a daunting task. It used to be common for a headline to be creative and use puns, in the old print newspaper days, but the best online headline ideas follow a few easy rules:

1. Use Superlatives — This means to make sure that the adverb or adjective is jacked up to be the best, the most, the easiest, or even the worst that it can be.

2. Use Keywords — You probably saw this one coming but you should try to use keywords in your title. If you have done your research then you will know the keywords that your target audience is searching. You can’t forget SEO because if someone is searching for, “how to re- write PLR” and your title has the word PLR, and re-write, in it, well, it makes sense that your title will be one of the top results.

3. Give it all away — If you’re going to tell your readers something, then tell them what you’re going to tell them in the headline. Give it all away. It’s okay, there is no reason to keep what you’re going to tell them a secret.

4. Know what’s trending — If you’re keeping your eyes open to the news, and current events within your target market use headlines that mention this trend. Beware of using trending words that have nothing to do with your product or target market because while you might get more clicks on the title, you’re not going to get more readers. Ultimately, you want the clicker to read, and buy.

5. Ask a question — Asking a question not only lets readers know what you plan to tell them, it helps you come up with something to write. If your readers have asked the question, or you suspect your target market has the question, use that as a headline. Then answer it.

6. Make lists — Five ways to do something, or the Top Ten of something, or the three biggest mistakes, are attention grabbers and as long as the lists fit in with your target audience you’ll not only get readers, but it will be a great way to help you come up with more headline ideas.

7. Address benefits — Don’t forget that people read your blogs and articles for one reason, the pay off. The pay off for them, not you. So, address how this article or blog serves the reader.. Using “how to avoid something” headline ideas work here, as do “how to gain something” headlines since these headline ideas lead to what’s in it for them.

8. Add Numbers — Like the list, using numbers to address something attracts attention and if you look around, a lot of mediums use it. Newspapers, magazines, ad copy — there is a reason, it works. Look at the title of this article.

9. Be emotional — By using emotional trigger words you can grab their attention and get them reading. These words can be positive or negative depending upon how you want to affect your audience. Be as graphic as possible in the headline to capture attention and to pull heart strings.”Billionaire who cut off arm to escape cave reveals 3 secrets to overwhelming success in Internet marketing business.”

10. Be dumb — Okay don’t be dumb but I wanted to be positive and I couldn’t think of another way to say, don’t use puns, don’t try to be ironic because this does not work well on the Internet. You might get a few curious people to click on your ironic title, but they won’t stick around to keep reading, and reading is the point.

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