Holistic Pet Care Facts

The Institute for Vibrant Living specializes in natural health supplement alternatives for many human health concerns. Recognizing the importance of quality pet care alternatives, they have compiled this report on holistic medicine for animals:

The benefits of holistic health are so well established today, many people are now extending their own holistic health approaches to their pets.

During the last few years there has been a marked increase in natural healing techniques for animals. Just as human holistic medicine focuses on the “whole” person, holistic animal medicine focuses on the “whole” pet, not just one specific issue or disease.

Holistic veterinarians are focused on resolving the cause of the problem, not just alleviating the symptoms, which is the traditional approach.

Defining the Holistic Approach

Holistic practitioners define a picture of a pet’s total health matrix, including diet, nutritional supplements, preventative care, parasite control, grooming and exercise.

While medications and surgery are sometimes needed, holistic veterinarians do not “over use” conventional medical treatments if there are other, less invasive methods that have merit.

They function on the premise that health is not simply the absence of disease.

Many animals may appear healthy (they are not demonstrating signs of illness) but may in fact, be brewing an illness.

Acupuncture, herbs, flower essences, homeopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, Reiki, and healing touch modalities are just some of the healing techniques that holistic veterinarians may employ.

Nutritional therapy is particularly important because all animals (and humans) can benefit from improved nutrition.

Good nutrition helps prevent disease and improve overall health. Some pets show immediate improvement when their owners add natural supplements to their daily routine. (Many people who choose holistic care for their pets prepare their pet’s food at home and do not buy commercial dog or cat food. That way they can be absolutely sure that the food is safe and that it contains only natural ingredients.)

The Diagnosis

Holistic veterinarians will first take a detailed background of your pet. They will look at the environment the animal came from and also the environment in which the animal is currently living.

They will talk with you about any chronic or recurring problems and stressors that may be affecting your pet’s quality of life. (Just like in humans, excessive stress can take a toll on a pet’s general health and well-being.)

After the information is gathered, the holistic practitioner will work with you to understand the causes of any problems your animal is having and develop treatment plans for your pet.

The treatment is usually multi-faceted and may include a combination of therapies. (For instance, your dog may need an antibiotic for a bladder infection along with massage, acupuncture and a special diet to speed the healing process.)

Finding A Holistic Vet

The number of holistic veterinarians is rapidly increasing, so the first place to look is in your own city. Call the local health food store or holistic health practitioner (chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc.) and ask if they know of any holistic veterinarians or ones that are open to supporting your holistic work with your animals.

There are a few national organizations that provide training for holistic veterinarians. The American Holistic Veterinarian Association is one of them.

The reality is, most holistic veterinarians have received traditional education at animal medical schools, however, after discovering holistic approaches to problems and seeing great results, they decided to focus their efforts on alternative medicine in the pet world.

If you cannot find a holistic veterinary practice in your area, then try to seek out a vet who will at least support your decision to take a holistic approach to your pet’s health.

While holistic pet care should not be regarded as a complete replacement of traditional veterinary medicine, it can be the avenue of first resort for those who desire it.

After all, it may improve the quality of life for your beloved pets and their favorite people too!

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