Ruby on Rails Development: A boon for web application and dynamic sites

From past decade the open source software and web Technologies has changed the way people see the web development and web applications. When in IT industry Ruby of rails went its full potential this cause and a increasing in performance and speed. Ruby on Rails basically is a framework for web application was developed by David Heinemeier Hansson.

By the development of Object oriented programming basically java there were various platform which used OOPS and Ruby is one of them. It is very much easy to use with Python and others like Perl. Using rail we can create advance database supported web applications and dynamic websites by using the MVC called Model Viewer controller. You can create very much functionality rich and full of interaction web application with the help of Ruby on rails which suited the best for e-commerce applications. Ruby on rails is also the best choice for those who are developing the content management system and OS commerce or online social community like Facebook and MySpace. Rails being a widely compatible with wide range of web servers it is mostly opted choice for web development.

The main feature of Ruby on rails is the MVC which is model viewer controller architecture which work on Separation of Data and logic. The presentation layer helps the application program in organizing. Extensive AJAX library are there in Ruby on rails Framework. The benefit of being Object oriented programming in Rails is that using The AJAX the Javascript is automatically generated. The ruby on rails include various packages mainly ActionPack, Active support, Active record, ActiveMailer and ActiveResources. All of the Packages are customizable by adding Plugin and add-ons.

The ruby on rails Programming help the business grow with their advance online marketing tolls and Database based Web Application. One of the mostly used and mostly known Ruby on Rails developed application Flickr which is used for Photo sharing over internet. With its object oriented nature and web technologies Ruby on rails has become the key for web development services.

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