How to Deal With Pimples – The Importance of Hygiene

Millions of people have acne and understand the pain it can cause. Pimples can lead to embarrassment, rejection and depression. The sad thing is one does not have to be plagued by this condition and if are currently suffering from acne there is still hope. I know it’s easy to feel hopeless because you probably feel like you have tried everything and yet nothing is working. Learning how to deal with pimples is a process not a one-time event. It will take some time to clear up the underlying cause but you can start to see clearer skin in as little as three days.

When I say hygiene I mean not only facial hygiene but also the cleanliness of your environment. Our environment is covered in bacteria, soon good and some not so good. Our face is constantly coming in contact with surfaces such as pillows, oily cosmetic brushes and worst of all our hands. I believe once you realize the importance of hygiene you will have a better knowledge of how to deal with pimples.Â

It’s a known fact we spend one-third of our lives in our bed and during this time our face usually touches the pillow. This means every night your face is lying in bacteria which can then seep into the pores. It’s very important to wash things like pillows and bed linens in a gentle detergent once a week.Â

Another source of bacteria is oily cosmetic brushes. Most people are astonished when I tell them that over ninety percent of people do not wash them on a regular basis. The best way to wash them is to use something like sea-breeze. This should ideally be done after every use and at minimum once a week.

The last culprit and perhaps the most dangerous one is our hands. Our hands come in contact with many surfaces a day and inevitably at some point we end of touching our face. Equally worse than touching our face is squeezing our zits. These two things tend to spread bacteria to different areas of our face. I often compare this to using a dirty sponge to clean a counter, because bacteria is spread not cleaned up. By using the above steps you will not only know how to deal with pimples but also understand the importance of hygiene.Â

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