Dr. Brewer’s Fight to Nourish Pregnant Women

Women, the advice of Dr.Tom Brewer and salt to eat them, or take in a lot of protein and weight, stay healthy baby healthy and give birth. Those who try to follow the advice of their doctors have difficulty. In 7000 the birth, do not see Dr. Brewer, that was full of blood poisoning attacks in women who participate in the program during the pregnancy from him ….

No woman has ever been told by Dr. Brewer that he had too much weight. He weighed just to make sure he gets enough.

Sometimes they are as much as 75 kg, which is normal to get, says Breuer. But everyone else was doing the opposite. If a doctor does not consider the weight of a woman’s concern, he was an idiot. history of midwifery jill cohen 2010
Madison Avenue promotes looked thin as Twiggy arrived from England. The ideal of thinness swept the American culture. According to Brewer, the obstetrician, who made over the swelling and weight are concerned. They combined with diuretics, diet, low in calories and low in salt for their patients. Some of the pregnant woman with a diet low as 500-600 calories daily to maintain their weight and of salt are subject to edema. Dr. Breuer said this around the country spreading blood poisoning, and it was.

After a weak disease and malnutrition, blood poisoning has become a disease of all classes. In fact, the West, where low-calorie, low-salt diet, weight control and use of diuretics became popular in metabolic toxemia of late pregnancy (MTLP) appeared, and with increasing frequency in the upper class.

Dr. Brewer’s findings confirmed by none other than the ancient Egyptians. He learned that the pregnant wife of the Pharaoh “eat pigeons, ducks, geese, fish, beans, beef, pork, honey, seaweed, and bread. They also ate figs and dates, and various spices. Their babies strong. However, farmers have little price, it consumes much of the beer and bread. At a certain point, the priest began the Pharaoh Doctors salt limit for farmers.

“Locked in the pharaonic tombs, 5000 years old, [that] the ‘secret’ of blood poisoning,” said Dr. Breuer. “Thanks to Jean-Francois Champollion, who cracked the code of hieroglyphics in 1821, we found the first signs of food eclamp to genic and the resulting problems associated with defects.”

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