The most interesting thing about fashion

In the world of modern fashion , there are some generally accepted rules of how to wear clothes that abide by it is desirable to not look ridiculous later. In his article “The most interesting thing about fashion,” we will tell 10 of the rules of wearing, tell you about errors that make a woman chasing after a fashion, and give advice on how not to sacrifice herself fashion.

Dress code.

1. Throughout should be moderate. All the fancy stuff to dress themselves while not necessary, you will not look good.

2. If you think that because of their age can not, wear some things, give them what they were not fashion able. You just feel they’re uncomfortable and insecure.

3. In this case, do not be afraid to use her wardrobe clothes that for other age group intended. The main thing in these clothes feel good.

4. The costume is black always looks stylish and expensive.

5. Postpone shopping trip when you are sitting without a penny of money than buying a poor quality and cheap clothes. Cheap clothes look good only on the young person.

6. Very fleeting fashion , usually before it reaches the consumer at the height out of fashion .

7. Experiment. If you have always been too conservative, wear a mini skirt or low-waisted jeans. Play with the styles, colors, lengths. Most likely, you will come back to his style, but something is sure to bring interesting and new in its own style.

8. Do not forget about the dress code, adopted in the workplace. Very short skirts, transparent blouses and deep plunging necklines, are best left for the weekend and in the evening. And in working hours is better to dress in a style that is accepted in the office.

9. fashion able clothing is part of your life, and spiritual development and inner peace is never out of fashion and are part of the style.

10. Clothing can tell a lot about you. When composing, my clothes do not forget about it.

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