Four Steps to Natural Beauty without Health Risks

Nowadays, many skin care companies advertise their products as being “paraben-free.” However, the chemical family of parabens has been significantly correlated to risk of developing cancer.

Most of those companies continue to put all kinds of other dangerous chemicals-which have been linked to everything from allergies to organ dysfunction-in their products. You put these chemicals on your skin, your skin absorbs them, and the chemicals get into your blood stream and cells.

Using such products, therefore, puts you at a higher risk of developing degenerative conditions later in life, conditions that will seriously decrease your physical well-being at best, and kill you at worst. It is in your best interest to transition away from conventional beauty products and begins to favor the more natural ones. Allow me to take you through the four steps to do so.

1. Replace chemically-laden items with similar products containing mostly natural ingredients. You can do this either as you run out each item, or immediately, depending on cost or how hazardous the ingredients of the conventional items are (search the website to see how hazardous your current products are rated).

2. For each item, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” In other words, is any given product giving you the results you had hoped for? For example, most facial cleansers (especially those promising to make you look younger) actually don’t make a whole lot (if any) difference in the appearance of your skin. Also ask yourself if you can make a simpler, less expensive replacement. For example, you can easily replace body lotions with coconut oil and get fantastic moisturizing results.

3. Explore mineral makeup. As long as you put a moisturizer on before the makeup, mineral makeup will stay on all day and give you healthy, natural tone. One word of warning: Some popular brands of mineral makeup contain hazardous chemicals in addition to the natural minerals. However, by and large if you replace conventional makeup with mineral makeup, you will considerably reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals.

4. Research homemade skin care recipes. As I mentioned above, coconut oil works great as a moisturizer. Our family uses a liquid hand soap made of only liquid castile soap and glycerin. Within just a minute of searching you can find several websites solely dedicated to providing homemade skin care recipes.

Follow these four steps above, and you will soon find yourself even more beautiful than before. Why? Your inside will be beautiful as well as your outside.



Emily Jacques is a natural health nut, mother, and online wellness coach. Sign up for her free newsletter at her site,, and receive your free copy of the report: “From Atkins to Vegan: How America’s Diets Are Failing Us.”

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