Maximizing Your Weight Loss Program

In most cases, losing weight (fat) is not as complicated. It is not always easy but it’s not complicated … or at least it should not be. Here is a simplified approach to help you start your journey to a thinner size.

Resistance training

These days, it is clear that resistance training is a combination of all programs of weight loss. However, where many people fail in these programs is choosing the right choice of exercises.

Most people treat the loss of abdominal fat through complex methods and allow vomiting as part of the process. Many continue doing so till now. This is a waste of time. Instead of focusing on complex movements to really burn some calories, the simple ones work best. Squat, dead lifts and push-ups are among the best exercises for weight loss.

Trainings using these methods throughout helps the body at large. They work every muscle in your body, not just your arms and abs!

Resistance training should take 2-4 days per week.

Cardio / Interval Training

Much has been said in the debate about traditional vs. cardio interval training for fat loss. Besides the range of training, the winning feeling is there when you get into a cardio training program. It is more efficient and less time. But there is something to be said about traditional cardio programs when it comes to losing pounds. Some people respond well to it, some don’t due to their body type. Hence For those people that aren’t succeeding,they need to find something else.

My general recommendation cardio / interval training is approximately as follows: the interval of 2-3 days of training per week; traditional long duration cardio 1-2 days a week. Start now and adjust if necessary.


I’m not 100% on board using calorie diets as the main part of the weight loss plan, but it is a good starting point. Most people eat too much. They need to begin to cut their calories. How? I’m not saying that they should cut more than 250 calories per day. Such high rates night lead to other health problems … and that is not what you want!

Other changes in your diet should be a full transition to healthy food and water. How much water is enough? With one and a half liters a day, you probably have more than enough water.

Although this approach is simpler, I think that is exactly what people need. Too much information is overwhelming and it results in the paralysis of action. In other words, the confusion sets in and nothing happens. Thanks to this approach that I recommend, This will be a step in the right direction and we can always adapt to the line. You can visit my blog below to find out more.

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