Holistic Healing

The goal of Holistic Healing is not only to make you feel better but to improve the overall quality of your life. As the name suggests, Holistic Medicine, tries to develop a sense of well being for the entire body and mind. The holistic approach is meant not only to create a healthy person but a happy one as well. The philosophy behind the movement is that all aspects of the body must be in harmony for a person to be truly content.

When diagnosing a patient, the holistic healer tries to assemble a complete picture of that person’s life. They will look far beyond the symptoms of the ailments which the patient is suffering and examine their relationships with others as well as factors like their spiritual well being. Holistic healers are operating on the assumption that something in their life is out of balance causing pain and mental distress and their job is to help the patient find inner peace which will promote overall well being.

There are a number of different techniques employed in Holistic Medicine; some of them overlap with techniques used in other types of alternative medicine. Aromatherapy, acupuncture, meditation and herbal remedies are all used to try and make the patient feel better. Mental health is a vital part of the holistic approach so there is a great deal of emphasis on reducing the stress in your life. Massage may be recommended as a way to soothe tense muscles. The improved blood circulation created by massage may also help other vital organs in the body function better.

One holistic approach to combating stress is the Ayurvedic method. This is derived from an ancient Chinese form of natural healing. The method identifies types of foods to eat which combat different kinds of stress and exercises which relieve tension. It also recommends rubbing hot oils onto the body to promote healing and encourages meditation to achieve inner peace. There is a spiritual side to holistic medicine that is different from most other forms of alternative medicine. This component is borrowed from Buddhism and is a crucial part of the overall treatment plan.

Holistic medicine outs a great deal of emphasis on diet and provides instruction on how to eat properly. It is estimated that more than 50% of what determines our level of wellness are lifestyle choices that we make. If you choose not to smoke, you will be healthier. It is also true that if you are careful about what you eat, your overall health will improve. This means avoiding most processed foods and eating fresh vegetables and low fat meats. The holistic diet also requires limiting the amount of sugar and salt that is consumed each day.

The components of the holistic approach are designed to achieve a strong mind and body connection that will make you more aware of how you are feeling and what you need to do to feel better. As you become more aware of your inner self, the hope is that you will also become more aware of your surroundings and the needs of the people with whom you are close.

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