Hygiene Disposal Units UK

In 1992, the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations ruled that all businesses in the UK were required by law to provide measures by which sanitary waste could be disposed of in ladies bathrooms. Previous legislation had already ruled that such waste could not be flushed down toilets as it posed a blockage risk; most companies consequently purchased hygiene disposal units to manage the waste in a clean, safe manner.

Hygiene units are designed to comply with government legislation, so companies can rest assured that providing sanitary bins they are fulfilling their legal ‘duty of care’ placed upon them by the Environmental Protection Act in 1990.

The same legislation, which dictates that ‘all waste produced on your premises is correctly managed’, has led businesses with baby changing facilities or crèches to provide nappy disposal units as well.

While some people might question the expense of equipping their office with hygiene disposal units, they should note that failure to comply with the regulations could cost them over £2,000. To prove their compliance, businesses need a Duty of Care Certificate and Waste Transfer documentation –most hygiene suppliers will this provide free of charge – which certifies that their waste is being collected and disposed of correctly.

Hygiene units are an all safer, more sterile option than normal waste bins. With a foot pedal and / or automatic sensor to open the lid, disposal units are hygienic and hands free. Integral flaps built into the lid, stop sanitary waste spilling out and make it easier for employee’s to dispose of waste without having to touch the bin.

Nappy disposal units – and sanitary bins – are also chemically treated, which helps to sanitise the waste and reduce its threat to the hygiene of employees. They also come with scented blocks or scented liners, which reduces the unpleasant aroma of the waste.

It may seem like a hassle at first; buying the bins, arranging regular collections and getting them installed, but it’s worth it for the two grand you’ll save in fines by complying to the Workplace Regulations and performing your duty of care.

My name is Ben Camelas a chemical expert who normally writes in newspapers and magazines about the benefits of having proper  nappy disposal units , don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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