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Despite the ever-increasing Mac OS sales at the present, Microsoft remains the leading public multinational corporation in the computer industry. It can not be denied that Microsoft corporation and its former CEO Bill Gates have become the legend of computer technology. Lots of articles have ever written about Microsoft: its history, its products, its leaders. Despite being best known for creating the Windows operating system and Office software, the Microsoft corporation has recently revealed some interesting facts as follows.


It is the first time Microsoft logo has ever been mentioned. “Microsoft” letters is the combination of “microcomputer” and “software”. First, it was named as Micro-soft, then losing the hyphen. “Microsoft” was officially registered as a company in November, 1976 in New Mexico.


Microsoft logo


Microsoft has worked under codenames. Past codenames including “Longhorn,” “Lone Star,” and “Vienna. It is an effective form to launch Windows under the name “Interface Manager”. And now, “Mojave” codename is in the runway to test.


Microsoft Uses Codenames


The funny and amazing typical Microsoft sound was created by the influential musicians David Bowie and U2. Besides, to launch Windows 95, The Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” was also used.



Microsoft Sound


Sofite, the average Microsoft employee is a 38-year-old man with the average salary as a software developer at $ 106,000. At present, there are about 88,180 people working for Microsoft across 32,404,796 square feet.


Average “Softie”


Softies attend annual employment anniversaries with candy, and more specifically, M&Ms. In each anniversary, a Microsoft employee is offered one pound of M&Ms. And Bill Gates was offered 33 pounds of M&Ms when he attended the tradition on June 27, 2008.


Microsoft Celebrates Anniversaries With M&Ms


Since coming back in March 1986, Microsoft has cut off its stock nines times. Fortunately, the price of Microsoft’s stock at its initial public offering was $ 21 a share, around the $ 23 now.


Microsoft’s Stock Has Cut off Nine Times



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