The Fashionable Mistaken Ideas On Health

Do you know who likes to follow with the fashion, if your answer is white-collar, and then congratulations, you got it. In our daily life, there are thousands of news about fashion is publishing every day, to those white-collar who are focusing on their quality of life would accept all those fashion information. However during the process of following fashion, there are some fashionable lifestyle make us far away from the healthy life. Then let us look the mistaken ideas on health.

The first one is that it doesn’t matter to eat much more seafood that rich in protein but low in fat. Sure, seafood does have this advantages and tastes delicious, however, eating too much of it would bring us a disease called gout. The root lies in that seafood contains lots of toxin which would accumulate in our body. Although some diseases are caused by various factors, such as, tension, anxiety and the depression and anguish caused by the unharmonious interpersonal relationship, most of the diseases are actually caused by the unscientific eating habits. Therefore, though seafood tastes delicious, you should avoid eating it as possible as you can, if you can’t resist the delicious taste it brings to you, you had better take little.

The fashionable idea teaches us that enough sleep is crucial to our skin, especially the time between 10pm and 2am. However, some people may sleep a long time; they think it is good for skin. Actually this is a mistaken idea, sleeping for a long time would lead to the blood stasis which can cause the pain on our body.

Some people silly think that tobacco and alcohol with brand name is the symbol of high quality living. Our health does have relationship with the intaking amount of tobacco and alcohol and the quality of them. However, it doesn’t mean the high quality tobacco and alcohol have no harm to our body. Smoking firstly will invade our respiratory system, when the concentration of nicotine has reached a certain degree, people will become addicted to smoking. So, for those people who are smoking, they can’t give up it.

To be a member of health club is a fashionable idea. Meet with friends and go to fitness, this is a perfect ides to make friends while training. The key point is that the atmosphere in health club we can’t find at home. Actually, taking activity in such place would absorb some harmful materials. So, taking exercises outdoors is better than in the health club.

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