What Do Women Find Attractive? Here’s Your Key To Success With Women

You can read in many places nowadays about what do women find attractive in men, but the truth is, most of it is just plain wrong. The fact is that this is something that is quite difficult to comprehend rationally and that’s why there are a lot of myths.

The biggest myth is that for you as a man, being good-looking is what gives you the biggest opportunities with women. Also, you probably have noticed that we guys are a large part of the time obsessed over having big pecs, biceps, abs (see, we even have names for them!). Now listen to me – having a handsome face isn’t the thing that builds deep attraction to you in a woman. Yes, she will be interested in you because of your looks at first, but if there is no attraction there, she will soon go to the next good-looking guy.

Talking from my own experience – I consider myself good-looking and have been complimented by women on my looks. But here’s the thing – I used to be the biggest loser with women. Women asked me out often, but I never went along with it! Nothing ever happened in my dating life. I had no self-confidence so I was really out of luck.

That’s a big clue to you about what women find attractive. The game is all about how you behave and how you hold yourself – your communication style, self-confidence, how you live your life, what your values are, whether you are social and have a lot going on, wit, interests, intelligence, and so on. Those are the things that make women run after you. Out of all those, I would name self-confidence as the biggest factor. And humor, especially overly confident humor that is still funny comes in a close second.

If you want to have a relationship in your life, or you simply want to meet more women casually or maybe you simply want to have the feeling inside that you CAN do it and are a valuable person, that’s what you need to be working on first and foremost.

Oh, and what I told you about being muscular – there’s some truth to it. Being handsome is one thing, but taking good care of yourself and doing something about how you look is another.

And if you are still left wondering what attracts women, then I recommend you read this article once more.

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