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Beauty is one of those people who talk. Instead of using synthetic cosmetics house people prefer herbal cosmetics for young people in the long term. These herbal cosmetics are not only economic, but also effective and safe. This article describes two homemade beauty tips on plants that are very useful in our daily lives are based.


Beauty Tips Herbal 1 – Process for the production of natural hair blacks

Normally, the hair is white with age, but todayOften see young people with the problem of gray. Recommended in case of premature aging, exercise outdoors, head massage, nutrition and raw foods.

There are many methods, methods of dark hair, but prefers to be natural. Henna is one of the methods for blacks or brown hair and is probably good for the hair.

Recently used a plant Salvia officinalis possible to darken the hair. In this method, 15 grams of SalviaOfficinalis is trapped in a quart of water. Steep leaves in water for two hours and then filtered. Pour over hair and leave for half an hour, then rinse.

Beauty Tips Herbal 2 – Herbal Bath

Our bodies are tired, because usually hectic work schedules and want to relax on weekends to improve more next week. So below is a recipe for traditional herbal scent of herbs that is not only a relief for tired muscles, but alsoProblem of rheumatism.

Take the following ingredients: – Humulus lupulus (450 g), Thymus serpyllum (25 g), Salvia officinalis (25 g) and Lavender (25 g). Ingredients Gazesäckchen and tie. Hang the bag in the management of hot water tap while the bath so that the flow of hot water, remove the natural oils and aroma of herbs. This bath will help relax tired muscles and relieve rheumatic diseases.

Warning: This product is not intended to provide health adviceand for general purposes. Always seek the vision of a qualified health professional before starting any health program.


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