No Kidding With Your Kids Health

For many parents, helping children develop healthy eating habits is a struggle. With the hectic pace of many families’ lives and with more women working full time, even health-conscious parents are finding it difficult to manage healthy food for kids.

It is always advisable to consult a pediatrician for standard recommendations about the calorie and nutrient requirements for kids. However, people who have kids at home might be aware of the eating habits of kids. Most often, kids tend to skip breakfast and are reluctant to eat healthy food; instead they crave for fast foods, soft drinks and high-calorie snacks. It is very important for the parents and the family members to develop healthy eating habit in kids – eating good food for energy at the right time.

A well-balanced diet is one that consists of healthy food is essential for the proper growth and development of healthy kids.

Healthy diet for kids should include a variety of foods in order to have all the essential nutrients of a balance diet. It is to be noted that the overall health and fitness of a child mostly depends upon the diet. At present, kid obesity and malnutrition are important issues around the world. Lets discuss about the healthy foods that should be included in the diet of a kid.

The diet should contain adequate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are a very good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. Another advantage of fruits and vegetables is that they are low in fats and sodium. Studies have shown that having sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables can avoid certain diseases. It has been suggested that serving kids with 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day is good for the kid’s health. Servings can be in form of salads, juices, etc. One can add fresh or dried fruits and vegetables while preparing muffins, smoothies and yogurts so that kids will enjoy eating them.

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yogurt must be included in the kids diet. Milk is rich in almost all the nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, and vitamin and is also referred to as perfect food. Calcium is very important for healthy bones and dental health of the kids. The healthy food for kids should consist of protein-rich foods like fish, eggs, meat, and pulses. Proteins are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, for building muscles and are also a part of hemoglobin. It is to be noted that iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, liver and rice flakes are necessary for a kid’s diet. Cereals or wholegrain like oats are also a vital part of diet. Oats are high in fiber and they are best source of food for energy. Breakfast for kids should contain a bowl of Quaker Oats to guarantee great health.
Some tips on getting kids to consume healthy food in a smart way
-One of the best strategies to keep your child healthy is to ensure your entire family is eating a healthy diet and staying active together.

-Keep healthful meals at hand. Kids like to munch what’s easily available.
-Don’t label food as “good” or “bad.” Instead, connect food towards activities your youngster cares about, like sports, academics and hobbies.

-Praise healthy selections. Give your children a proud smile and let them know how wise they’re when they select healthful meals.

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