Pulse Oximeters for Kids

A pulse oximeter measures your blood oxygen saturation level. Why is this important (in laymen terms)? The percentage of oxygen in your blood is directly associated with your health and certain health conditions. Some common conditions include asthma, COPD, and sleep apnea.

Kids of today face many different health issues in comparison to kids of the 1950’s. As time has changed along with technology, so have the daily activities and behaviors of kids. Physical activity of kids today has greatly decreased, which can be linked to many new health issues that kids face today. These issues include obesity to asthma to sleep apnea. A new technology that is out now gives parents the power to monitor important vital signs. Monitoring of the child’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation level by the use of a pediatric pulse oximeter could help parents catch certain symptoms sooner and notify the child’s pediatrician.

New fingertip pulse oximeters for kids utilize new software to minimize error in readings due to motion, so that accuracy is up to the levels of clinical devices. The important of this new technology exceeds past just accuracy, but it allows parents to monitor their kids’ heart rate and oxygen levels. Knowing these signs is critical for a parent whose child might suffer for heart or respiratory illnesses. The Landon Medical LM-500, pediatric pulse oximeter, incorporates new software, a new Texas Instruments chipset, and a new fitted finger molding. The LM-500 has received various accolades, and sells for under $ 80 with all of its accessories and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Pulse oximeters that are available on the market today range in cost and features, but two features are standard: pulse rate reading and blood oxygen saturation level.

These new portable pulse oximeters are small enough that parents carry them in their pocket for spot checks of their kids’ vital signs throughout the day. An interview of a group of parents who use the new pulse oximeters revealed that the new device gives them peace of mind, knowing they have a tool that helps them monitor their child.

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