A Holistic Approach to Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid relief from your itching, pain, and bleeding is the hope driving many sufferers to the nearest drugstore. Often relief comes from a popular salve containing chemicals that when applied does soothe the area. Yet, the hemorrhoids remain, only to return again as soon as you stop using the salve. The symptoms may have been subdued temporarily and you may think that you have found a hemorrhoid cure, but the underlying causes are still there. What you need is a holistic approach to eliminating hemorrhoids by finding and treating all the fundamental causes.

Of course, you do need immediate relief from the itching, burning and pain. If you are concerned about all the chemicals used in some hemorrhoid products, you may want to turn to more wholesome natural ingredients. Looking to nature to find a healing herb, you will find that one of best herbs is the comfrey plant which contains allantoin. Allantoin is an amazing ingredient that speeds the production of new cells to replace the damaged ones. The comfrey herb has been known for centuries to relieve pain and inflammation of burns, eczemas, and other skin irritations. If it is used in an ointment with all other natural ingredients, the comfrey herb is especially effective at reducing the inflammation of hemorrhoids. With the soothing effect of the ointment, you can concentrate on the other causes of your hemorrhoids.

Eating more fiber and drinking six to eight glasses of water daily will help you regulate your digestive system and avoid constipation, a primary cause of hemorrhoids. Adding beneficial herbal supplements to your meals will aid your digestion and shrink the hemorrhoids internally as another line of defense. A helpful herb is butcher’s broom that has been used since ancient times to improve circulation, tighten the circulatory system’s veins, and strengthen capillary walls. It is particularly helpful in shrinking hemorrhoids internally. Other helpful herbs which aid the digestive system are stone root, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, red root and peppermint. A final step in a natural hemorrhoid treatment program is cleansing the anal canal with water from a rectal bulb, removing the impurities and toxins which irritate the hemorrhoids.

A holistic solution can eliminate hemorrhoids from your life forever if you are willing to treat all the factors that have led to your problem. Using a home treatment system with natural ingredients and committing to lifestyle changes is the best way to treat your hemorrhoids and restore your health.

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