Green Tea Natural Health Benefits


The Institute for Vibrant Living natural health research dept. has looked into the purported natural health benefits of green tea. Here is their report:


Green tea has been a staple in Asia for more than 5,000 years, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular health-boosting drinks in the world. 


Whether you get it from a cup or a capsule or a dropper (this new ‘delivery system’ is described at the end of this article), green tea is one of the biggest favors you can do for your health, particularly your immune system.


Green tea is produced when the leaves are simply steamed and baked after the picking process. Once that is done, they are rolled and dried.


Because of the way they are prepared, the leaves retain not just their green color but also a significant number of nutrients that other types of tea lose in the preparation process.


For instance, with black tea, the leaves must be wilted first so as to reduce their moisture content. Then they are rolled up and punctured, so that their enzymes are exposed to air and oxidized.


Because it is less processed than black tea, green tea retains an agent called catechin polyphenol, which helps oxidize the fat in your body so that your body burns it more efficiently.


And with its proven ability to accelerate your metabolism, green tea is a choice ingredient in diet pills and is recommended for many weight loss diets. Green tea also acts as a stimulant and diuretic, but contains only half the amount of caffeine you would get in a cup of regular coffee.


Green tea has also been recently credited with slowing down the aging process and strengthening the immune system.


Other recent studies have indicated that drinking green tea may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease as well. According to scientists, it may slow down this devastating condition by reducing certain chemicals which contribute to plaque and protein deposits in the brain.


Another recent study has revealed that green tea provides protection from bladder cancer. “We discovered that the catechins found in green tea protected both normal and cancerous bladder cells from inflammation, when we exposed the cells to hydrogen peroxide,” said Dr. Michael Chancellor who is a professor of urology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, “These results indicate that herbal supplements derived from green tea may be a treatment option for various bladder conditions that are caused by injury or inflammation.”


Green tea’s ability to boost antioxidant levels in the blood has been scientifically proven in many studies. In one study involving 133 heavy smokers who are exposed to DNA damage from smoking, four months of drinking four cups (eight ounces each) of decaffeinated green tea daily reduced the signs of DNA damage by 31 percent.

Most health food stores have green tea in pill form and in the form of tea leaves, almost none have the latest form, a condensed liquid that utilizes a dropper. Either way you go, the antioxidants can boost your health.


Of course, green tea alone can’t guarantee good health.  Today’s research identifies a plant-based diet, a healthy weight, physical activity and avoiding tobacco as the most effective steps to lower cancer risk.


For those who want to boost their energy and immune system, replace three or four cups of coffee or soda per day with green tea.


A particularly convenient way to get the green tea benefits, without having to brew up a pot, is now available in a product called Green Tea Elixir from – just half of a dropper in the liquid of your choice can provide the benefits of several cups of green tea without jitters or an aftertaste.


However you decide to get your green tea, your body should thank you for it!







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