How to Write the Best Articles

Well, everyone knows how to write article and submit to directories but not everyone can get their article indexed within 7 days of approval. This is why expertise and research comes in. When I first started writing articles, my article would stay for over 3 months before showing up on search engines. I was sad because I had a vision before writing such articles.

If you want your articles to get indexed on Google search engine within 7 working days, then read through.

1). Short Title is better.
The search engine robots do not like long titles. As this is the first part it discovers while crawling your articles. Just make it short. Between 5 to 7 words is ok.

2). Quality Article matters.
Search engines do not joke with this tip. If you article is of high quality, then be rest assured that it will rank high and get indexed faster than you thought.

3). Use Keywords that people type on search engines.
Keywords are the terms/words/phrases that internet searches type on search engines. You should get informed on what people generally search for. Just know what your niche is and do a research on the possible keywords used that brought them to your website or blog. While writing articles for ezine or newsletters, include these keywords on the title and the body.

4). Use a short summary.
Summary should be short. Do not even try to say everything you have in mind on your summary space. Short summary is the key. People love short summary that lures them to go through the whole article.

5). Include an http:// on your resource box.
So many people have not really considered this. But it works like magic. Before you list your website (s) on the resource box beneath, always include and it will boost the indexing of your article and definitely your website.

You now have the secret of getting indexed. As you write your articles today, follow the steps laid down here and see your article marketing booming.

Good luck.

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