Hair Care Practices to Prevent Women’s Hair Loss

Can women’s hair loss actually be prevented by the right hair care? This is not a question that can be answered with certainty. It doesn’t always work. The fact is, proper hair care won’t prevent hair loss if you are genetically inclined in this direction. But it’s still worth focusing on, because you want the hair you do have to be as healthy as it can be. If you are trying to prevent hair loss, you can certainly help your situation by keeping your hair and scalp as healthy as possible. Losing your hair is an unpleasant and even frightening possibility for most women. So, without further ado, here are the most important hair care tips we could find.

Avoid the habit of those styles that require a lot of pulling on your hair. Very tight ponytails, or even the bun, is not a good idea due to the pulling. Pigtails that are very tight plus anything with a tight curl also put too much of a pulling on the hair.

Just try to avoid pulling because it puts stress and strain on your scalp and it weakens the hair. One possibility is that you can shed too much hair at once. A tight pony tail might look neater but loosening it up even just a little bit can keep your hair a lot healthier.

Blow drying your hair is best left for those times when you are in a big rush. If you are looking for the best hair dryer, it’s the air. This is true. Heat forced into your hair will tend to make it brittle and less healthy. Your scalp also produces more oil when exposed to heat, which isn’t bad for your hair, but not a great feeling for your head. Since you just washed your hair, you don’t want lots of oil in it right away. Letting the air dry your hair is simple and effective. Just run your comb through your hair and let it dry at it’s own pace.

This may be obvious, but we’ll say it anyway – be sure to comb your hair each day. Ok, we know some women have to use a brush – so then brush your hair each day. Your hair follicles and scalp can get clogged with oil if your hair is matted too much for too long. This very condition can be induced by dreadlocks and keeping them for a long time.

Stopping hair loss altogether can be some tricky waters to navigate. Hair loss can happen more readily for some women depending on many factors.

You should never give up though because there are always options. So, yes… good hair care can make a huge difference for many women. It’s kind of simple, do all you can as much as possible to keep your hair in good condition and health. Use the tips in this article to ensure that you are doing just that.

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