Interesting New Tactics To Prevent Cancer

Do you have a healthy lifestyle? According to the study, 70% of cancers could be avoided and some interesting health care ways are useful in strengthening anti-cancer ability of human body. I will introduce several of them in the following.

Drinking filtered tap water. This method can help you avoid some carcinogens or environmental hormones. Many people think that bottled water is cleaner and healthier. However, filtered tap water is recommended by specialist for the plastic material of bottle may cause the penetration of harmful substances such as bisphenol A into water. When we store water, we should try to choose stainless steel or glass containers.

Try to avoid dry cleaning clothes. In the traditional dry cleaning process, a solvent called Perchloroethylene is used and it will cause liver cancer, kidney cancer and leukemia. Experts suggest that clothes should be hand washed with a mild liquid detergent and dried naturally.

Blue clothes could prevent sunshine. Spanish scientists found that the blue and red clothes could prevent more sunshine than white and yellow clothes. Of course, the head and neck protection is also essential, so do not forget to wear a hat to go out.

Barbeque is delicious, but it contains carcinogens heterocyclic amines produced under high temperature. So, it is better to eat less barbeque. If you really want to eat, you can use lemon juice and sauces to preserve for at least one hour, which can reduce eighty percent of heterocyclic amines.

Choose more green vegetables. Chlorophyll could not only give green leafy vegetables exuberant vitality, but also help the body fight against cancer. The magnesium it contains has been proved to reduce the female risk of colon cancer. About 130 grams spinach a day can provide 20% of magnesium the body required.

Healthy lifestyle is significantly important, for it concerns peoples life. If you persist in healthy lifestyle, diseases will be far away from you.

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