Holistic Approach Vs. Traditional Medicine

A visit to a doctor’s office may be a bit different today than it was in past years. Rather than visit a general practitioner, one may go to see a doctor which offers more of a holistic approach. Many may have heard the term holistic yet be unsure as to what it entails and if it is a type of medicine they should pursue for their health issues. The following will highlight the different aspects of holistic medicine and show how they differ from traditional medicine.

More Herbs, Less Pharmaceuticals

Those who pursue medical solutions through a holistic approach may find that their doctor SW Florida recommends more herbal remedies as opposed to prescribed pharmaceuticals. Holistic practitioners want to offer the patient solutions outside of the pharmacy walls and allow them to use herbal therapy and treatments rather than prescription drugs.

Attack the Root of the Issue Through Other Forms

The holistic type of medicine is also based on attacking the root of the issue through other forms. Rather than prescribe surgery for an injury, physical therapy or acupuncture may be the better solution. The holistic medical practitioner looks beyond the operating room and pharmacy counter to discover other ways to resolve the patient’s medical condition safely and effectively.

Less Invasive Methods

The holistic approach is also based on a less invasive treatment method. Again, where a traditional medicine doctor Southwest FL offers surgical intervention to resolve issues, the holistic doctor may try other, less invasive methods first and see if any of the holistic remedies will help to resolve the issue. Those who see holistic practitioners like the less invasive method over some of the treatment methods offered by the traditional medicine doctor.

It is important to note that both types of doctors attempt to achieve the same result which is to make you feel better and get on living a healthy life. It is up to you to decide which type of doctor is best for you.

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