Interesting Characteristics For Akc Chihuahuas

While several different types of dogs share several different types of characteristics, AKC Chihuahuas are a little bit different. Typically, they have a personality all their own that is unlike any other breed of dog. They are relatively eccentric, quirky and comical in their behavior and one cannot help but to fall in love with their incredibly unique personalities.

Something interesting to note about Chihuahuas is that their personalities generally differ from any other type of dog breed. Not all Chihuahuas are given similar characteristics. A potential owner has equal chances of finding Chihuahua puppies for sale that are timid or bold, confident or nervous, placid or lively. One characteristic that most breeds can generalize is whether or not the dog itself is stubborn or eager to please. Chihuahuas, though, can be found in either classification which is partly what makes this breed so interesting.

Those who would really like to nail down some generalities of this breed will have a hard time apart from their distinctive personalities; however, there are one or two more that one might be able to get away with. For instance, Chihuahuas are known for being very vocal whenever strangers are in view. Their loyalty only has room for their owner and all other human beings as far as they are concerned should not make any sudden movements.

While many Chihuahuas have an extreme dislike for any human other than their owner, other pets are another story. They are often ok to live peacefully and contently with other cats and dogs in the house. Strange pets, on the other hand, are seldom welcomed with open arms. If the pet is familiar and has been sharing living arrangements, one can bet that a Chihuahua will be civil. If a pet is foreign, though, then chances are that there will be a little ruckus roused. Those who want to make their little Chihuahuas comfortable should put them in a nice, warm place. They love to snuggle up by a fire or under a blanket for as much warmth as possible. It’s important to be careful, though, as they are so small they can truly be hurt if someone were to sit on them accidentally.

A warning to those who are thinking of purchasing Chihuahuas, they are relatively difficult to house train. It can be done, though, with the proper tools and patience. It’s advisable to talk to a trainer and invest in either a litter box or doggy door to aid in the process.

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