The Importance Of Safety Eyewear

People have been using eyeglasses for centuries, with the Chinese often being credited as its inventors back in the 12th century. Believe it or not, the precursors to modern eyeglasses date back to 5th century BC with the Egyptians, with hieroglyphs showing people using of lenses. Even the Romans used corrective lenses to read indistinct letters during the 1st century AD.

Glasses these days are used in a variety of ways. They can be used for the sake of fashion, to improve ones vision, and even as a means for protection. Statistics show that over 4 million workers experienced non-fatal work-related injuries in 2007. The most common injuries include injuries to the eyes. Fortunately, these accidents can easily be prevented if the right measures are taken and if proper protective gear is used. This is why some hazardous jobs require the need for protective eyewear.

Even if workplace areas seem safe, theres no guarantee that something wrong wont happen. These accidents can happen to anyone anywhere. Most of these accidents happen to workers in the construction industry and the chemical field, especially those working with machines hazardous substances. The usual causes of eye damage include flying debris, chemicals, extreme light, and sparks.

A large number of workplace accidents can be avoided if proper training was given and if the proper safety equipment was used. These accidents usually happen with the worker not using any protective glasses when the accident happened. This is why its essential to have a prescription safety glasses program to fit the safety needs of an organization.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration require that safety eyewear should be worn in any workplace wherein workers are frequently exposed to potential hazards. If you think your eyes are exposed to potential hazards, then you should wear protective glasses. Its important to wear the right protective gear in the right work environment to prevent any accidents.

Safety eyewear can also be used to protect your eyes while doing other activities, such as when playing basketball, skiing, or any sport that involves serious physical activities. Losing even one eye can greatly hamper your vision, so its vital to ensure their safety.

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