How Does Adding a Blog to Your Site Increase Traffic That Converts?

You’ve read it in the most popular magazines and business news sites about successful business owners who generated major traffic from their blog. Then suddenly they started earning thousands in revenue. How are they able to accomplish success in such a short space of time? They know the secret to blogging success. Here are few tips to use to help increase your blog traffic and convert it into paying customers:

1. Be as consistent as possible. Many business owners will start off gung-ho with blogging and then they stop after a few months. If you want to start generating more traffic from your blog, you have to be consistent. Whether you post a blog daily or only twice a month, be consistent. The more content you have posted, the more ‘quality’ traffic you will eventually gain.

2. Post only interesting posts. Having 800 blog posts about how your new product is the best thing since the invention of the laptop is not going to interest readers. Readers like to read fresh content that’s interesting. You can brag about your product but include interesting information about the industry you’re in that your readers may not know about. You have to keep readers wanting for more. This is what will keep them coming back to your site.

3. Add photos to your website. Photos add visual appeal to a website. Along with interesting content, try adding a well designed photo to your blog posts. Just make sure they are high-resolution photos.

Hope these quick tips will help you drive more traffic to your blog and help you to st

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