How to Eliminate Acne the Holistic Way

Acne is perceived as a society stigma, particularly when acne is on your face, for all your friends to see. It is not a pretty sight. Sure, having acne in our teens, is OK, and sometimes even expected, but having acne after you’ve reached 25, 30 and 40? That’s no longer so cool.

There are tons of commercial treatments out there for acne, but the world is tired of putting creams after creams full of chemicals on their faces, so people go instead for eliminating acne the holistic way. But what is the holistic way really?

Holistic means dealing with the whole person, not only with a part, and not only with the symptoms. Along with fitness, holistic health also incorporates notions such as emotional, psychological, and spiritual. All these are interrelated and when we talk about eliminating acne the holistic way, we really mean treating the person as a whole, both internally and externally, not only the single pimple.

As I mentioned before, if you have, or had acne, it is a very stressful illness to have, due to its psychological factors. It is quite shameful to walk around with a big zit on your face, or god forbid, on your nose. Friends snicker around you, or behind you, family pities you and not even talk about your enemies, who will rejoice every time they see you walking by. Acne, particularly in obvious, visible places, will make you feel ugly, will start feeling guilty and repulsed by yourself. And the fact that you won’t be able to get a date any time soon will not make the situation easier to handle.

Studies show that high levels of stress, tiredness and fatigues increase the production level of hormones, which in turn, will trigger your acne. If you don’t sleep well, if you don’t get enough hours of sleep, your acne will intensify. Going to bed early is really a must. And so is regular exercise. Exercise will increase blood circulation and your skin will have more oxygen. Also it’s good to pick up yoga or even meditation. Hey, meditation is in anyway, you’ll be one of the cool guys if it’s known that you do it! The point is you need to practice every day, and not only when you feel like it.

Our skin eliminates the toxins and poisons from our body, but if the toxins remain in the body longer, if the skin pores are closed, then that poison will end up becoming inflamed pimples and zits all over your face, and sometimes, your body. There are various herbs that help with regulating the production of hormones in the body, such as seaweed, which nourishes the endocrine gland, or dandelion and nettle leaf, which strengthens and cleanses the liver, and saw palmetto berry extracts aid with balancing hormones in males.

Lastly, diet. The wrong diet is always a major cause of acne. Best way to test which food is bad for your acne is start leaving the suspected foods out, one at a time. Start with one. Maybe it’s the wine. Don’t drink wine for 2-3 weeks. If you see that nothing changed, add back the wine and stop the potato chips. Or whatever else you suspect that is causing it. Eventually you will find the culprit.

Alternatively you can also go do a Dietitian, who will give you various tests that will help identifying what foods are wrong for your blood and skin type.

By eating a proper diet, low in calories and animal fat, but high in fruits, vegetables and fiber, you can eliminate acne the holistic way, once and for all. But you really need to start now!

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