Holistic recovery holiday suggestions

Exactly what are alternative therapeutic holidays?

Holistic healing vacations focus on the entire well-being of people. Mind, body and spirit receive the chance to be rejuvenated, restored and cured in stunning natural surroundings.

Leading alternative healing travel operators look after every detail of the journey, permitting visitors to completely relax and unwind in the knowledge they’re in the hands of the experts.

Well-liked holistic holiday options include hot springs, luxury spas and spiritual excursions to South Africa’s sacred spaces – the Drakensberg, the Hogsback, the Richtersveld and the Karoo.

Holistic healing in the Karoo

Professional holistic healing tour operators offer travel to interesting desert destinations in the Karoo. Regional education, lots of rest and relaxation and guided visits to the area’s attractions all form the main itinerary.

Situated in the warm interior of the country and composed of 35% of South Africa’s land mass, the Karoo is a vast semi-arid desert.

The dry, clean air carrying the pungent aroma of healing herbs is really a famous natural remedy for respiratory system conditions. Wide open areas, starry evenings, quiet and solitude all mix to create a potent elixir for the tired mind, body and soul.

Karoo attractions

The Karoo is an area of haunting beauty, with the horizons stretching for as far as the eye can see. Although it is a harsh land, it sustains a remarkable amount of wildlife, as well as the wealthiest collection of desert flora on the planet.

The wilderness is occasionally interrupted by enchanting Karoo towns that have largely remained authentic and untouched over the years. Original Cape Dutch and Victorian architecture abounds and museums and national monuments provide an historical account of early colonial life.

Bushmen rock art

Since the traditional domain of the Bushmen, the Karoo is a substantial historic rock art site. Images in ochre stick to the rock faces of many of the caves and overhangs in the area. Resident experts are on hand to guide you through one of the world’s largest al fresco art displays!

Finding a holistic healing holiday to the Karoo

By browsing online, you’ll find specialist travel operators offering holistic healing holidays to the Karoo. Don’t start the new year exhausted and in a negative frame of mind. Book a refreshing, healthy Karoo holistic healing holiday online today!

The author: Time out of Time offers holistic healing holidays to different desert destinations in the Karoo in South Africa, where informative talks and regional attractions are part of the itinerary. Visit Time out of Time online today to browse and book an exclusive Karoo wellness holiday.

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