About Portugal

Portugal is not for fans of outdoor activity. Here everything is concentrated on the peace and tranquility. It seems that the time specially stopped running, giving us an opportunity to focus on the amazing beauty of Portugal. To enjoy the beauty and splendor of Portugal it is better to refuse organized tours and go to an independent travel. It suits especially those for whom the language barrier is not a problem. Portuguese (indigenous people make up 99 percent of the population) is considered here an oficial language but Spanish and English are also used. Anyway socializing with local inhabitants can be always “regulated” with the good old body language. In the Middle Age Portugal was the leading maritime power in Europe, first of all due to the great navigators Bartholomew Diaz, Vasco da Gama, who first paved the way to the sea coast of Africa and Asia, where the Portuguese colonies were larger hundred times than the territory of Portugal itself. It is thanks to the ocean, Portugal became a great colonial power in the XVI century, and now, although it is considered a province of Europe, became a well-developed tourist country. If from one side Portugal is bordered by Europe, than from the other one it comes to the majestic Atlantic Ocean. As if trying to capture the ocean in its arms Portugal scattered over many miles ahead paradise pieces of land – the Azores, headed by Madeira, an island of eternal spring. Here the autumn season reigns the whole year. Thanks to the ocean there are no sweltering heat in summer and cold in winter. Portugal is an incredible country! It is impossible to tell about all its attractions. Here there can be paintings by Picasso and Dali in a museum of a little village with a population of thirty people, and there is no pointing plate on the house where Magellan was born in the XVI century – ordinary peasants live in this house…

Anna Levand

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