Don’t Be a Dingbat! How to Write Intelligent Articles in 3 Simple Steps

What’s an intelligent article?

An article based on keywords. An article that’s entertaining. An article that provides usable content. Figure out how to write intelligent articles by keeping these factors in mind.

Intelligent articles attract attention. Think eyeballs. No….not the peeled grapes in a bowl Halloween trick. Eyeballs on your article!

Non-intelligent articles don’t use keywords. Poor headlines are a symptom here too. 
Intelligent articles think for themselves. No, they’re not written just to put another piece of worthless content on the web. No way. Intelligent articles are written with a purpose in mind.


Build your article around a keyword.

Mention the keyword – or key phrase – 3 to 4 times for a 400 word article. Mention it once in the first paragraph, once in the last paragraph and a few times in between.

Avoid awkward usage of the keyword. Sprinkle it in at the right spot.

Search for non-competitive keywords. No need to go up against the big dogs.


Be an entertainer. Nobody likes a bland article.

If we want to watch paint dry, we’ll watch paint dry. Inject passion into your article. Breathe your passion into it.

A force behind your words exists, and this force becomes stronger as your passion grows.

Entertainers write interesting headlines. Showmen and show women are witty, clever and put a stamp on their work.

Write Usable Content

Make your content usable.

Your stuff can be entertaining as heck. Maybe you wrote a killer headline. Then you backed it up with a funny article that elicited a few chuckles from crowd. But what if your readers got nothing out of it, save a few laughs?

Fluff is fluff. It’s weak stuff. Most articles on the web are fluff, or at least recycled fluff.

When stuff isn’t fluff it’s usually killer content.

Can your readers put your knowledge into action immediately? Make sure the content is usable, and valuable.

Valuable content is value-added. Add value to enough people’s lives and you become valuable.

Follow these steps. Forget writing for the sake of writing an article. Focus on how to write intelligent articles and watch how your readership grows.

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