Holistic Approach in Christian Rehab

Holistic Approach in Christian Rehab

Christian rehab often club their treatment programs with a holistic approach as a part of their treatment process. The professional team of experts meets and discusses the requirements of each resident to address their spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical requirements. The professionals of the Christian rehab program seek to deal with the internal psychological developments that are taking place within the addicted individual. Other than that, they are taught to handle the crucial aspects of their personal history and even engage in a healthy relationship with others and actively pursue a life of fulfillment. Every aspect of the individual is scrutinized and taken into consideration in a variation of ambiences such as the following:

§ Marital and family based counseling

§ Group dynamics

§ Individual counseling

§ Lifestyle coaching

§ Spiritual direction

§ Body work

§ Psychological education

§ Participation in a healing environment

What are the Important Aspects of the Holistic Approach in Christian Rehab?

In order to undergo an examination of the important physical aspects, the specialists of the Christian rehab center need to assess the physical condition of the patient. This helps reveal the medical and structural concerns, if any. Current medical state are addressed and any kind of imbalances, misalignments or discrepancies, if any, are identified since these may interfere with the addictive process or concurrent disorders. The energy systems and mechanisms of the body are studied based on the principles of traditional medical science, Ayurveda and even the Chinese medicinal approaches. With the help of the study, the well trained therapeutic team is allowed to locate as well as treat issues which might otherwise go undetected, thereby contributing to lapses.

While the physical conditions of the patient are examined, the physiological components of their condition are also focused upon and some of these incorporate: allergy tests, hair analysis, urine and blood tests, and even nutritional evaluation. One of the important benefits of the holistic approach that is used in Christian rehabilitation is that it allows the experts to make use of natural methods and even conventional medical interventions for restoring the balance of the body. The mental aspect of the person is also taken into consideration and the techniques that are used in this process include:

Psychodynamics: This evaluates the dependence of the different aspects of the patient’s personality and the overall process of development by focusing on the needs that were accomplished and the ones that were not. In addition to that, the developmental crises of the problem are also studied.

Cognitive and Behavioral Methods: Here, the relationship between thoughts and actions is studied along with the learning beliefs, rules and attitudes of the person to help their functional evaluations.

Humanistic and Spiritual Evaluation: This takes into consideration the basic goodness of human beings (the Theory of Humanism) and their desire to achieve complete functionality through self actualization and reference with God.

Transpersonal and Systemic Approach: This helps in transcending the ego centrism of a person and their response as social beings. In fact, the person is not an isolated entity but a part of the larger compendium.

Thus, the Christian way of treatment aims at making the addict attain complete sobriety. This is why this addiction rehab approach is being preferred by most addicts and their families.

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