Holistic Healing Through Thetahealing

Holistic healing is a popular modern concept for many reasons. Holistic healing is all about healing the entire person, not only a persons body. Holistic healing encompasses the healing of body, mind and spirit. But how does one attain holistic healing? Thetahealing is one important way to heal the body, mind and spirit.

How does this work to heal the entire person? The major concept of healing through Thetahealing is to connect the person to the Creator of All. Concepts that will reconnect a person seeking total healing of body, mind and spirit are taught in Holistic Healing Centers, and at Ashram Yoga Retreats, which teach healing techniques.

The concepts that lead to healing of the whole person are based on the unconditional love of the Creator of All. Once a person realizes that the Creator of All is loving, positive, and desires our good, a person seeking healing can be positive emotionally and physically.

Thetahealing promotes positive emotions that, in turn, create positive health and well-being. Negative thoughts and emotions bring about illness in body, mind and spirit. Holistic healing teaches a person to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts. Positive emotions and thoughts create healing, as well as a connection to the Creator of All. A connection to the Creator of All connects a person to a higher power and to great wisdom.

Once a person’s life is filled with positive thoughts and emotions, and believes that the Creator of All desires our well-being, healing can be attained. Not only can Thetahealing be attained personally, but healing can be shared with others. The example of a healed, positive life can be shared with those around us, creating healing in their lives, as well. Thetahealing creates nurturing positive emotions and thoughts, which, in turn, not only creates wellness in an individual’s life, but spreads healing and positivity to all of those around us.

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