One Weight Loss Journey – A Memoir

Once upon a time, I weighed a grand total of 178lbs. Of course I was 19 years old and just out of high school with school sports a main stay of my life. As the years progress to the age I now enjoy, 40, I still feel as though I could do all of the things I did as a kid of 18, fresh out of high school. The unfortunate part is that I am not 18 and weigh 230 lbs. Though I am far from morbidly obese, I am not as comfortable as I once was.

A wasteland of diet books and programs litter my shelves and office. Everything from the South Beach diet to Atkins has graced my life. I’ve worked out for seven days a week to as little as thinking good thoughts of working out but never making it to gym.

To the point at hand, what has worked to keep me at my current weight? What is it that keeps me around the 200 lbs club? I did not know until I discovered a secret in my very own mind. We have a conscience mind and an unconscious mind. Our conscious mind says to do something, but it does not get done because we find all kind of distractions and things to delay us starting in the direction we wish to go.

So what controls this inner voice, what directs these thought to the fore? It is none other than our unconscious mind. It directs our will down a path that our outside mind hears as an inner voice. In the morning I would hear the buzzer go off and hit the snooze because I wanted more sleep and not the gym. At work I let email take my time when I could have gone to the gym. At home I let the distractions of life get in the way of going to the gym.

It was when I discovered that I could talk to my inner voice and control it to a degree that things changed for me. It was when I looked at things like NLP or Neuro linguistic programming that the weight started to come off and stay off. This simple combination of eating raw, wholesome food, working out and NLP made all the difference in my life.

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