Concierge Medicine ? Benefits for Women?s Health

Many physicians with whom we speak are expressing angst regarding converting to a concierge medicine model in today‚Äôs economic climate. Is it economic suicide to make this change today? We think not, if the change is made intelligently. Across the board consumers are reducing spending on goods and services. This is not only affecting discretionary purchases like Botox injections and laser eye surgery, but is also affecting primary care services. Concierge Healthcare and concierge medical…

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Creating Joyous Birth Memories

There are a few momentous occasions in a woman’s life for which she should joyously celebrate with lasting memories: the day she becomes a woman; the day she loses her virginity; the day she gets married; the day she graduates; and the day she gives birth. Each is a transition from what was to what is. As a natural birth advocate my goal is to help women have healthy birth outcomes. My overall intention is…

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